• The Radial Drill Arm adopts IC Timer with advantage of one bottom press, it can automatically release up/down movement, stop, and automatically clamping easy to operate. The spindle can still maintain in original set after the tools change.
    • Special arm elevating safety device is provided to prevent arm from falling down abruptly after year of usage. It will keep us from injurious dropping whenever the copper nut is excessively worn.
    • Exclusively for gears type cycling ril pump is furnished to cool off precise gears inside gear box,and minimize excessive wear on gears to lowest extent.


    Standard Accessories

    • Adjustment tools (box included) x 1 set
    • Cooling device (pimp included) x 1 set
    • Lighting device (fluorescent lamp included) x 1 set
    • Box-type Work Table x 1 set

    Special Options/Tilt Tables

    • Uni-tilt table tilts s full 90 degress. Calibrated indicator shows degree of tilt has accurately planed top

    Two sizes available (L x W x H)

    • 810*710*610 m/m (Large size)

    • 520*510*570 m/m (small size)